Origin of the name eThera

A brief history for those curious about our name :
What is the orgin of the name eThera?

A) A Greek god
B) The « ethereal body»
C) A liquid
D) It sounded nice
E) I have no clue


A, B and D) The word « ethera » originated from a reference to the « corps éthérique » or ethereal body and not, as some twisted minds have speculated,  from a solvent, or worse yet a liquid with a certain drowsing effect. 

SO What is it???

The ethereal body, also called the vital body, is considered to be the nutritive soul, the one giving form to all substances … since one of our main purposes is to “shape your skills and knowledge” … you guessed it !
Well done smarty, you’ve figured out our motto : « giving form to expression. »
In Greek mythology, Ether is also a primordial god personifying the lofty regions of the heavens (thanks a bunch to the encyclopedia for this cultural moment). 

Finally, it’s true that it sounded nice ! 
All this is fascinating but what do you do exactly at eThera ?Click here to find out more...