Language, like any other art, must be practiced as much as possible to be developed and mastered. This is why we base our teaching on extensive practice, not on repetitive exercises or lessons learned by heart from a grammar book.

According to your current level in the language concerned :

  • Beginner ? Our language artists will give you the basic elements you need to progress using the eThera method. Playful and fun, this method makes use of, among other, of media, videos, games, and music. The subjects covered are genuinely exciting.
  • Have a good base but want to achieve mastery? We put you in a variety of situations: daily life, high quality general discussion, and of course professional exchanges. Dynamic and adapted to your needs, this approach will capture your imagination and hold your interest.

We develop your curriculum according to your level and specific needs. It’s pedagogy adapted to your needs.

Language learning doesn’t come naturally to you? Don’t worry, we have the recipe!

The other ingredients that make us different :

  • Our experience : we specialize in teaching adults.
  • Our creative approach : teaching with a range of diverse subjects
  • Our original methodology : using role playing, stimulating discussions, video clips, activities, and more .
  • Arrangements adapted to your needs : individual, group, telephone, multimedia, chat, intensive training, foreign language immersion abroad.
  • Personalized training: we customize your curriculum to meet your objectives.
  • Our adaptability : we adapt according to your specific needs and requests.
  • Real tracking of your progress : we evaluate your level at the beginning and the end of your training, our course reports allow consistent monitoring.
  •  Our references : we work with companies renowned in the fields of advertising, marketing, pharmaceuticals, distribution, insurance, banking, and finance (and others…).

One more thing : Dear learners, no more excuses for forgetfulness : you can access your course schedule online any time ! As for your HR managers, they can follow the progress of your training and the number of hours completed thanks to our new online course monitoring.