Pedagogical program


Objectives :

  • Improve your comprehension (oral, written)
  • Strengthen your written and oral expression
  • Acquire the skills necessary for fluid communication with others (by phone and face-to-face)
  • Develop the ability to easily discuss a number of personal and professional subjects.
  • Easily participate in and lead meetings.
  • Negotiate with ease in a foreign language.

Content (non- exhaustive list) :

  • Revision of tenses and basic structures Acquisition and revision of present, past, and future tenses and progressive forms.
  • Acquisition and revision of grammatical structures
  • Acquisition and revision of personal pronouns, countable and uncountable nouns, partitives, definite and indefinite quantities, adverbs of manner, time, place, and duration, prepositions (of movement, position, time), forms of the infinitive, definite and indefinite articles, conditionals, direct and indirect discourse (punctuation, agreement, tense).
  • Acquisition and revision of a variety of skills : expressing duration and ends, describing people, places, things, tastes, making recommendations, giving advice and instructions, expressing ability/inability in all tenses, expressing permission and prohibition.
  • Revision and acquisition of new lexical terms in a variety of fields,: scholarly life , professional and family life, celebrities, sports, leisure, arts, transport, health, food, communication, society, politics, religion, economy, theater, different countries, cities, and nationalities, technology and environment, pollution, educational systems...
  • Conversations on general and specialized subjects.

Methodes and pedagogical supports:

  • Teaching language by practicing oral and written expression.
  • Optimize comprehension with individual conversation sessions, mini-groups, or phone classes.
  • Use of grammar and exercise books.
  • Use of video and audio clips.
  • Situational discussion, role playing...

System of evaluation:

  • An initial evaluation determines the level of each student.
  • The instructor regularly submits reports, noting potential problem points for each student. A final evaluation is given at the end of each course of training with precise and individual recommendations.

Instructors :

  •  We have a nationally diverse group of instructors chosen on the basis of the target languages. Students could work with a number of instructors over the course of their training in order to facilitate greater ease of comprehension of diverse accents and to expose them to a variety of teaching styles.