• On-site conversation classes
  • Face-to-face (1h, 1h30 or 2h sessions) : Oh, no, you and your trainer in a private session ?! Don’t worry, they don’t bite, and they’ve all had their rabies shots . The individual courses are a chance to express yourself ; we can even help you on that presentation you need to prepare for your upcoming meeting, interview, client contact, etc.


  • Groups of 2,3,4, maximum 6 :: don’t succumb to stage fright, you have to be confronted to other people and learn to feel comfortable ... Don’t worry, your fellow group members are no more certain of themselves and their conversation skills than you are! These groups offer a different dynamic, an environment closer to real life.


  • On the phone (30 min sessions) : Your southern roots won’t help you here ; you won’t be able to rely on the language of hand gestures and facial expressions to help make yourself understand. It’s just you and the trainer. Speaking on the phone requires a different kind of listening and a different kind of expression.


  • Video conference (for Skype users) : just like in a film, here, you’ll see your personal trainer in Technicolor ! No previews, no ads, the show starts when the call begins, starring you as the lead actor. Chat (directly through our website) : you can take part in a live writing session (15-30 min) ; private chat tool, students and instructors can exchange words and bridge language gaps. To complement classes, you have access to a platform of mutimedia exercises. 10-15 minutes a day guarantee your progress over the long term.